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'Losing Us' is a short film about


17-year-old Gezim, refugee in the UK, is doing everything he can to keep his 12-year-old sister Elira safe after their mother goes missing and they are left to fend for themselves.

Losing Us is in production and we hope to finish filming in September 2021. 

All the filming will take place in Norfolk, UK.

If you are interested in being crew, email our producer Lesley van Dijk on levandijk@hotmail.com. 


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Image by Annie Spratt

17-year-old Gezim and 12-year-old Elira live in a happy, loving Albanian family. Violence in their community is rising and the killing of their dad forces their mother Luljeta and the siblings to flee for their lives. They leave their country and after a treacherous long journey, they finally end up on UK shores. Here they have to find ways to survive with the help of the dangerous human trafficking gang member who gives them fake passports.

Luljeta, who is a former teacher, takes a job as a cleaner but what she earns is not enough to feed her children and pay back the gang members. Luljeta mysteriously disappears, leaving her children Gezim and Elira to fend for themselves without any knowledge of what happened to their mother. Gezim fears the worst and tries to protect his sister from that knowledge while attempting to figure out how to survive.


Losing Us is very proud to have a professional, dedicated, diverse and gender-balanced team, with ethnic backgrounds ranging from Estonian, Dutch, German, English, Albanian and French.


Losing Us will centre around the lives of our three main characters, but will also have eight other speaking roles, four non speaking roles and numerous extras.



Send us an email with your info or questions:

 Keep an eye on our Facebook page @LosingUs and Instagram account @losingusfilm for more info.


If you have a professional actor's profile, email us the link. Otherwise please email us your latest headshots

 (professional or homemade photo)


Let us know if you have any previous acting experience on stage or in front of the camera. 

We are open to experienced actors as well as people new to the acting world. 


Email us with all the info as well as your contact phone number so we can call you. 

 We'll get back to you as soon as possible and may ask you to do video audition.

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