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Thank you for booking a photoshoot with Teele Photography

I am looking forward to spending time with you soon, to create beautiful and fun images that you can hang up in your home, pass onto your family as presents or use in any other way that suits you. 


  Good photography is an investment for the future! Imagine yourself 20 years from now, when your children are all grown up, looking back at the photos we will be capturing and seeing them as little kids, running around and having fun. Imagine them some day having families of their own and what it would mean to them, to be able to show the next generation high quality images of what they looked liked as kids or what you all looked like as a family. I am so happy I get to create this gift of freezing-time for you and I hope my images will give you joy for years and years to come. 

 Photoshoot Location:

The Garage, 14 Chapel field North, Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 1NY

Arriving at the shoot

  • Arrive to the venue 15 minutes before your actual booked shooting time

  • Head to The Garage reception and notify them that you have arrived for the photoshoot with Teele. Me or one of my assistants will meet you at the reception and show you to one of the dance studios where we have set up for the photoshoot

  • You will have time to get yourself ready and get used to the space in time to start your 30 minute photoshoot. 

We will only have half an hour together,
so let's make the most of it
In that short time I will give your kids the chance to play games so I can photograph them as natural as possible and make the photoshoot fun for all of you. I might set up few shots to get family groups in the same photo and will keep the posed shots as simple as possible.
If the weather allows, we will be using both the quieter streets round the Garage and the Chapelfield Garden to take some fun outdoor photos.  
What to bring with you? 
I will have few props with me for the kids to play with but for the younger children, feel free to bring along few of their favourite cuddly toys that we can use during the shoot . 


  1. If possible, wear clothes that have no big logos or text as they can be distracting on photographs

  2. Try to avoid black colour all over and if you need to use black, combine it with other colours (For example, black jacket or cardigan with another colour shirt or top underneath, black trousers or skirt with another colour top e.g.)

  3. If you are coming to the shoot as a family, have a think what colour scheme all of you are wearing. Wearing clothes that look good together, adds a lot to the overall look and quality of the images.  

If you have any more questions, please do get in contact and I'll answer them for you.
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