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Hello there!

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My name is Teele Dunkley (pronounced Tay-la, if you’re wondering…) I’m originally from Estonia and have lived in Norfolk, UK for the past 19 years. 


My work life consists of filming, photographing and teaching occasional dance workshops. These combine when I’m behind the camera - I’m always looking for the movement and the connections between my subjects, and believe that’s how I capture the emotion and beauty in my shots. 


10 things you should know about me:

1. I LOVE food and can eat more than most men (there will often be nibbles available at my shoots)

2. I am a farm girl at heart who can milk cows, pick mushrooms in the forest, weed potato fields and chop firewood.

3. Growing up on a farm taught me the joy of being active, to always work hard and  to value nature  

4. I love laughing (who doesn’t?) and feel drawn to people with a great sense of humour. 

5. I believe in helping people and always donate my time to great causes when I can. 

6. I have lived in Africa, travelled the most of Europe (favourite country so far Scotland) and also visited the USA and the United Arab Emirates, but there is always more to see and learn. Travelling is one of the greatest passions in my life and I am very happy when I can combine that with work. 

7I am a Mum, and I want to teach my daughter to always be brave enough to try new things, dream big and treat all people in the world with respect and an open mind

8. I feel restless unless I have some interesting and challenging project to teach me new things

9. I would dance, skip and jump everywhere if I could - my life is a musical in my head! 

10. A friend picked these words to describe me: cheerful, brave, creative, energetic, loyal, curious. I’m happy with that!


   I would love to hear from you so get in touch!


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Capture the Move Behind the Scenes by Le
Kirss BTS märts 2019-6
Kirss BTS märts 2019-19
Kirss BTS märts 2019-24
Teele Dunkley by Lesley Van Dijk
Teele headshot for web
Teele Killing and Savijalakesed
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teele tants
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Teele Killing
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Teele Killing and crew
Teele Killing, music video audition
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