Peppermint is a tale of tales. 

Of rats’ tails dragged across ceilings and claws tearing up sleep – Sebastian Roland’s sleep.

Like any sane person, Sebastian tries to banish these pests from his home – with traps, with poison and even with old traditional tricks like peppermint oil. Their delicate, little noses can’t stand the smell, you see.

But nothing seems to work, and as the rats get bolder, louder, and ever more elusive, Sebastian begins to lose his grip on the situation. Things fall apart as his colleague, Sally, cheerfully seeks to supplant him at work, and the rat catcher, Dean, is simply less than helpful.

And so poor Sebastian is left to battle the rats alone in the dark recesses of his home…

‘Peppermint’ was shortlisted for Best Script at the SuperShorts Film Festival 2011 and nominated for Best Film and Best Script at the Southampton International Film Festival 2013.



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