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Teele Dunkley

is a director, producer and scriptwriter

Teele is from a small farming village Põhara in Estonia where her life was filled with dancing, playing instruments, taking photos, and making clothes. Teele also lived in Denmark and Malawi before moving to Norfolk, UK in 2005. Currently, she is excited on putting together her first feature film The Secret Folk Dancer. 

Her career started in 2010 when she worked for Eye Film as a production coordinator, DOP and editor. Soon after that, Teele also started working as a freelance director, DOP and editor, focusing mainly on producing music videos for unsigned bands and singers in the UK and Estonia. She also worked on short film projects, including ‘Peppermint’ where she worked as DOP and editor. 

To date, Teele has directed and produced 30 projects, including music videos, short films, and actors' showreels, with the size of the crews ranging from ‘one-woman-crew’ to over 200 people on set. During these projects, she has developed and strengthened her skills in visual storytelling and producing high-quality content on a small budget. After the birth of her daughter in 2012, Teele took a few years off from the film industry and worked as a photographer. She excels in action and portrait photography taking photos of dancers and actors’ headshots.

Since September 2019, Teele has been back pursuing her passion and dream of directing films and music videos. Some of her recent directing credits include the award-winning music video 'River Run' for Estonian band Francis, short films ‘Metres Apart’ and 'Losing Us' both have done well at film festivals, with Losing Us receiving high praise from the likes of Stephen Fry. She is also developing scripts for various comedy films and TV series and filmed a pilot scene in the summer of 2023 for her first feature The Secret Folk Dancer. The film is based on a script that Teele co-wrote and made it to the quarterfinals out of 2000 scripts at the ScreenCraft feature film scripts competition. 

Education: City College Norwich in association with UEA 2008 – 2010 FDA Media (Moving Image Pathway).

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Teele Dunkley in the media

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Film awards for Metres Apart

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