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Metres Apart is an award winning short film directed by Teele Dunkley and produced by Lesley van Dijk and Anton Kamillus

Starring Paul Andrew Goldsmith and Olivia Boyne 

Cinematography by Paul Cook

Music from Metres Apart soundtrackAndrew Taylor
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Film Awards

METRES APART film awards.jpg

Best Drama Short Film

Best Family Short Film

Best Cinematography -Short

Best First-Time Actress

Best Covid-19 Film

Director, writer and editor

Teele Dunkley talks about the inspiration behind the film

Teele Dunkley.jpg

The inspiration for Metres Apart came from real-life stories we all have heard - families that separate and kids who are in the middle of it all. We assume that it's only the little children that find it hard not to live with their mum or dad, but teenagers find it hard too, if not even harder. 

Lilly lives alone with her mum who struggles with her own mental health. Metres Apart explores how being away from her dad for months has affected 13-year-old teenager, especially during coronavirus lockdown. Lilly has felt for a long time that her relationship with her dad is slipping away. Are they able to fix it?

The script was written during the time where social distancing was part of our everyday life and requirement on the film set. Lilly's distant relationship with her dad allowed us to film Metres Apart, with that all in mind.  Paul Andrew Goldsmith, who was my writing partner, and I made sure to keep the uniqueness of these current times in mind while focusing the story around the feelings of the two main characters. 




Olivia Boyne

Olivia is a talented 14-year-old actress from Boston, UK. She is represented by AKP Management Agency and we believe she has a bright future ahead of her. The whole crew was impressed with the high standard of Olivias acting during the filming and her perseverance to deliver stunning performances, despite the rain and cold weather. 

Olivia is a dedicated drama student and has received consistently high results for her LAMDA acting examinations and several awards. She has a background in theatre and has appeared in professional pantomime performances with Tony Peers Productions for the last six years.


Ethan and co-writer of the script

Paul Andrew Goldsmith

Paul is a professional Actor/Director/Devisor and Theatre Practitioner with over 15 years of industry experience across Theatre, TV, film and voiceover. As a versatile actor, he has worked in many forms of performance and built up a long list of credits from Uk theatre tours, Street theatre and dinnertime theatre through to feature films, short films and commercials. 

He is the Theatrical Director of the award-winning Warner Bros 'Polar Express' live train show in Dereham, Norfolk,  that receives over 29k audience members each year and is the co-Artistic Director of ‘Twisted Reality Productions’ 

His spotlight link is:

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Katherine Vince

Katherine is an Actor, Theatre Practitioner and Choreographer based in Norfolk.  Since completing her training in MA Advanced Theatre Practice (Distinction) at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (2012-2013), Katherine has prioritised creating new performance work that challenges the mundane and plays with the absurdities of life.

Katherine is a versatile contemporary performer, with intuitive comic timing, vast ensemble collaboration experience, an acute physical awareness that enables her to excel in dance and movement-orientated performance, and a wide vocal range. In 2019 Katherine joined forces with Paul Andrew Goldsmith to found Twisted Reality Productions, and together they work on creative projects for both theatre and film. 

Behind the scenes photos

by our producer Lesley van Dijk

Other filming work:

Still photography:
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