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Sam's first leap to modelling

First time I saw Sam, he was dressed quite differently - I was watching a fun theatre play with my little daughter and her friends. Sam was on the stage wearing a Roman soldier's outfit, next to he's co-actors who were dressed as Neptune, Starfish and Mermaid. I think it's safe to say that both kids and adults enjoyed the show that made us laugh out loud, sing and dance along.

Few months later, I was looking for a male model for a project and I walked past a young man sitting on a park bench, who I recognised as being ''that-guy-from-the-play''. So I introduced myself and asked if he would like to do some modelling. He was up for the challenge and here are some of the photos from the shoot.

Behind the scenes photos shot by Lesley Van Dijk, follow her on Instagram @lesley_is_exploring

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